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The Art of NLP Training are a valued member of the XYZ Training Group. Working only with established and respected training companies, we have found The Art of NLP Training to be one of the very best in their chosen sector. Delegates regularly tell us that their courses are informative, well presented and extremely professional. Delivering training to clients right across the East Anglia region. Xyz Training Group


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The Art of NLP trains in applications of NLP and hypnosis as well as coaching individuals one-to-one.Neuro-Linguistic Programming can bring rapid, relaxing, and lasting change. Now you can design your life rather than let life design you. Benefit from NLP Coaching and Therapeutic NLP in Milton Keynes, UK or, even more easily, benefit from online sessions via Zoom.My sessions are focused on enabling you to make better choices. Its important that you know how you can move forwards because what is right for one individual may not be right for another.The focus is on the now and the future. Feeling better about the future is more interesting and exciting than staying stuck in the past.The best thing about the past is that its over. The best thing about the future is that its yet to come. The best thing about the present is that its here now.Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLPFor that reason, we wont spend hours chatting about your childhood and life history, except where your past is clouding your thinking today. If you had one bad experience at the dentist when you were young, for example, you may still recall that whenever you visit the dentist now, as a grown-up. Once thats resolved, we move on.Your mind can be a trickster.Its never too late to fulfil your potential. YOU can create the results you want. Perhaps you just assistance is deciding the road to travel having reached your personal crossroads, or perhaps you want to review and transform your whole attitude to life.Anything is possible.The fields of NLP, hypnosis, and modern psychology are powerful approaches to getting the outcomes you need.Everyone is unique Ill listen carefully and structure a coaching or therapeutic plan especially for you.During our sessions, I might explicitly guide you into a nice, relaxed, comfortable state a trance. Sometimes other techniques will be more useful for you. Were all moving through different trances, all the time. If I havent asked you to close your eyes it doesnt mean youre not in a trance I work online, via Zoom (and, by special arrangement, face-to-face in Milton Keynes, UK).

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